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Over Senescense


Update 5 September 2010

The melodic death metal band Senescence characterizes itself by songs they’ve written themselves which, on the one hand, are extremely heavy with the three-part grunts, but on the other hand woven through with incredible melodies, technical guitar riffs and every now and then clean vocals. This young quintet has worked hard and has made so much progression within a few months of their existence as a band that they’ve managed to book several gigs already and are looking to record a first demo filled with their own material.

The Senescence adventure started when guitar player Bert first started jamming together with guitar player Raimon and drummer Roberto in a rehearsal room somewhere in the region. After having played several covers together and managed to get a feel for each other, they started getting an itch to write their own material. This itch resulted in a number of songs with the double-guitar riffs and melody still noticeable in current Senescence material.

After a year and a half of hard work in the rehearsal room as a trinity, they ran into the one person they needed to advance their plans for the band. Marcel offered to sing in the band. Armed with solely the experience he gained with his solo performances in the shower he blew away the rest of the band at his audition. He took it upon himself to do both the grunts that Raimon used to do and the clean vocals that were Bert’s job, but both of them are still often heard in the background.

After Bert ran into the band’s bassist-to-be, Robert, at work the line up was complete. His precision, technique and stage presence manage to make the band sound even more tight and inspiring.

Now, January 2010, the band is writing new material and testing it out on the stages of their home region. They're hoping to get some exposure here and there and terrorize the stage, both in their home region and beyond. Hoping to play a stage near you, keep an eye on our ever-updated gig calendar!


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