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Hoorn, Midwoud,


Over Baby-Riot


Update 15 mei 2010

A wild or turbulent disturbance created by a small number of people. That's what Baby Riot's all about. You must see and hear this stunning rockband. The front lady, Kristel, blows the crowd's mind with her sweet devilish voice on the rockin' riffs the guitarist produces. A long with the beautiful steady womanly drums of Rianne, play's our talented, kick-ass, ex-ponytailed bass-player Arjen! A true band that goes for the atmosphere and the music. Except for the part in wich we describe ourselves as a disturbance.. that's not exactly true.. 'Cause we just rock! (a little bit of healthy arrogance) The band started playing in the year 2005 and weren't so lucky in finding the right bassplayer. Several musicians auditioned and somewhere in 2006 Baby-Riot became a steady formation. Now rockin' the stages since februari 2007!


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