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Update 25 maart 2010

Against Radio

                                                                               Against Radio



AGAINST RADIO - How it all began ...

Was founded the 29th of september 2008, by Mikey Low
(The Newbies / FFF!) and Ro! and Poeh (Another Lost Hero).
Mikey, then playing in The Newbies (which was more of a
punkrock band), decided after 10 years of punkrocking it
was time to head into a new direction.
Ro! and Poeh, who at the time played in Another Lost Hero,
were looking for a dedicated and enthousiastic bassplayer.
So we met one night , drank some beers, had some laughs
and Against Radio was born.

AGAINST RADIO - "OK , so now what do we do?"

So when we started we had exactly 3 months to write
a complete 45 minute setlist, as we were already booked
at Oudewater Rockcity. Time to get to work! So we started
setting things up and kinda decided which direction
we'd initially would go(straight up punky rock n roll kinda thing).
Somehow we managed to pull it off, and we were on our way!

AGAINST RADIO - the million dollar question...

So , you ask yourself , what kinda music do you make?
For us this has been a very hard one. We draw inspiration
from so many different bands and styles of music that it's
hard for us to really say. Some say Therapy?, others name
bands like millencolin, or foo fighters on speed...
it all fits somehow.

Mikey , who writes most of the songs is
hugely influenced by punkbands like Bad Religion ,
Lagwagon, and oldies like CCR.
Poeh and Ro! are more inspired by bands like come back kid,
gallows and Rise Against.

Best to listen to our songs to figure it out for yourself.


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