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Scharwoude, Hoorn, Hauwert, Medemblik

Over Spewpipe




Tim, Zang, guitar, Scharwoude
Sven, Guitar, Medemblik
Jeroen, Bass, Hauert
David, Drums, Hoorn

Jeroen and Sven started Spewpipe December 2005, With the idea of making metal combining different styles. inspired by Gojira, Messugah, Isle of man, Emperor, Eostenem and Strapping young lad. In January 2006 Jolanda entered the band on the drums. April 2006 Guan joined the band as vocalist. In august the same year the band took a break because of several personal circumstances. March 2007 the band began to play again this time with a new drummer Nico (Jericho).

In July 2007 after they have seen Tim playing with his own band (Deathcore) the asked him to join Spewpipe. September 2007 they found a new drummer in David.


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