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Over Entropy


 Update April 2008



Like atoms are combined to form molecules and molecules form materials, Entropy does the same with music.

Individual notes are combined to form melodies and melodies are condensing into songs.
Creations which are solid as matter ranging from gaseous clouds to dense metal.
Entropy is represented by a group of six people who share a common interest in musical complexity without loosing the feeling for melody.

The music itself sets a different kind of environment, apart from the usual heavy metal 'noise'. The band complement each other, they're tight and locked.
The keyboards define the mood of each song, while the guitar riffs and base lines are distinctive and melodic.
You'd also realize that one doesn't have to growl to sing heavy metal songs.

Over time, the music of Entropy was catagorized as: Symphonic metal, Progressive metal, Melodic heavy metal and Gothic metal.
As a constant, Entropy still describes it as 'cortex metal' since it is music, rooted in the brain.
Don't be misguided though by their recording activities, because on stage they're able to bring forth the same sound.
Solid and complex; like matter itself.

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