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Over Terraplanes


Blues/ Rhythm & Blues

Terraplanes! After the split of the Eldorados, singer/guitarist Pieter Baas couldn't find the right musicians for the kind of band he had in mind. So he took the long route and started giving guitarlessons! Erik and Erwin Terpstra, cousins and both working in Piet's fathers butchershop, turned out solid sidemen. Alex Kwantes, responded to the "Drummer Wanted" ad and joined on drums. And they were on their way! They won a talentshow and took the prize money to the recording studio. Playing live they got better and better, although Lex got more and more entangled in substance abuse. After a couple of on-stage incidents they had to let him go and he was replaced by the talented young drummer/singer Hans Duin. They renamed " Little Otis & The Blackouts " and continued playing succesfully in the Dutch blues scene. The songs featured here were on the first and only Terraplanes demotape recorded by Steve Philips in the MUPO-studio. Enjoy!

Pieter Baas (zang, gitaar) ex-Eldorados, naar Little Otis & Blackouts
Alex Kwantes (drums)
Erik Terpstra (gitaar) naar Little Otis & Blackouts
Erwin Terpstra (bas) naar Little Otis & Blackouts

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