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Over Eldorados


The Eldorados, those who were lucky enough to have experienced one of their liveshows in the late 80's will definitely remember those three young men playing their tails off. Basic R&R, played loud & fast, on outdated equipment and more often then not a little intoxicated, but with heart,soul & guts. All born in 1967, they started out in the musicbizz in the early 80s. Bas de Vries and Eric Lensink played in a powerpop band called Zerx, later re-named La Grande Bouffe, and Pieter Baas joined in '83. Moderately succesfull, they played anywhere they could play, but the band called it quiets in '85. Pieter and Eric had by then developed a close friendship, a fascination for R&R and had written some 30 songs together! Six of those songs were recorded in The Pineapple Studios by Steve Philips, assisted by hired guns Efti Eftichides ( vocals ) and Koos Blauw ( drums ). That demo marked the beginning of a local legend. The first shows were booked and the musicpress loved the highspeed rock originals. ( Check out Eldorado Heat on Myspace ). Bas de Vries re-joined and the trio took off for a 6 year tour of duty playing bars, bikerfests, backpackers hotels and anything in between. Around their hometown Hoorn they were local heroes and the bars were packed when they played their mix of covers and originals at full volume! The chemistry lasted for 6 years, than they split. Bas and Eric joined local rocklegend Jan Smit's Silvertwins, Pieter formed bluesbands Terraplanes, and Little Otis & The Blackouts ( also on Myspace ) and they continued their musical odyssee. Bas and Pieter are still active musicians today, Eric disappeared from sight after a reunion show in 1993 and is believed to be living on Mauritius, hiding from the Dutch IRS......

Pieter Baas (zang, gitaar) ex-Eldorado Heat, naar Terraplanes
Eric Lensink (bas) ex-Eldorado Heat, naar Jan Smit & Silvertwins
Bas de Vries (drums) ex-Eldorado Heat, naar Jan Smit & Silvertwins

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