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Yoichi Hara

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Yoichi Hara

Yoichi Hara started around 1983 as a two-men band with ....... and Robert Polderman (who was 13 then!). Their sound was described "a very rhythmical kind of new wave, which sounds remarkably full for a two-men band". They had a shot at their 15 minutes of fame playing some gigs opening for Dutch garage band Claw Boys Claw who then just had their first album "Shocking Shades Of ..." out.

After Jean-Paul Gazan and Natasja Hoek joined the band they won the first of seven qualifying rounds of the Popzomerprijs West-Friesland held at Ikaros, Hoogkarspel. They played against Jinx and The Name. A journalist present at the gig noted that an honorary mention should have gone to the "two feet high" ("twee turven hoge") Yoichi Hara drummer Robert, who mistreated his kit as if he wanted to beat all the injustice in the world off of him. The jury found it to be a "sparkling performance".

Six bands made it to the final held on Saturday August 24, 1985 in Hoogkarspel. The price: 1000 guilders - which is a lot of money when you consider that the band probably earned Hfl. 50,00 for a gig - and a place on the bill of the Sunpop festival held the next day (among the bands appearing were Blue Murder, Fatal Flowers, Trafassi and The Jazz Butcher). Viva Voce won, and Yoichi Hara was second.

The Yoichi Hara sound at this time was described as a heavy and captivating and influenced by Killing Joke, Echo & The Bunnymen and Siouxie and the Banshees. In a bio from 1985 they describe their sound as "swinging wave-rock".

A press clipping mentions that a demo cassette was made, but their first - and final - release was "Without Ceremony" in September 1985.

The band ceased to exist when they found a singer and changed their name to IMU (1988) and Ballad Of A Thin Man (from 1988).

Wishes to remain unknown (zang, gitaar)
Jean-Paul Gazan (bas, 1984-1988) ex-Fendex
Natasja Hoek (zang, 1984-1988)
Robert Polderman (drums)

1985 LP Without ceremony (Record Play RPP 588060)


Without ceremony
  • Media: LP
  • Label: Eigen beheer
  • Jaar: 1985

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