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Over Mezcaline


update 12 augustus 2009

Rockabilly trio: Jur, Frankie en Tommy Gun

Howdy doody stinkers
and welcome to the land
of the winky blinkers!
My gravy is really hot
and you can hear it fl ow
so welcome to another show!..

They got the pop and the bop
and the rhythm and the blue..
..Here in the land of Ooh-bla-dee,
Mad Daddy giggle jiggle
with all the glee,
clappin.. and fl appin..
to make it happen..
boppin.. and blastin..
funny-farm broadcastin..
From our secret laboratory
.. you know the Mad Daddy story ..
this is sponge-rubber heaven.
Rockin.. and reelin.., havin.. a ball
.. Swingin.. and singin..,
straight jacket and all!..

Mad Daddy Pete Myers, WHK Cleveland,
June 25, 1959 (1928-1968 R.I.

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