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Over Yaotzin


genre: Black Metal

the Yaotzin is originally formed by Theo van der Plas on vocals and Bas Polder (In Aetherium, Drowned, Necrology) on drums in the year 1995. Joeri Pronk joined the band as a guitarist and his girlfriend played the bass guitar for a while but got replaced by Merijn Pronk after recording “the forrest” demo in 1995.The first performances on stage were at the local bar “Argus” in Alkmaar (April 1996). At a festival in “Argus” Yaotzin played with Lascivious. Arno van de Reep (Lascivious, In Aetherium, Rising) got scouted as a second guitarist. After the recording of “moonrise” and “ in the mist” demo’s Arno became the only guitarist when joeri left in 1997. After several gigs and festivals Merijn got replaced by Sander van Helvoort (Lascivious, the Drowned, In Aetherium, Fill Bloom) before he’d been given an official announcement. Finally Yaotzin became a solid blackmetal war machine. In July 1998 a first demo-cd was recorded at the Midfloor studio named “Heaven Burning Bleeding” in limited edition. It was sold in Holland by Displeased records, the major metal shops, and in Sweden at Rock records and some small metal stores. Although the cd had a poor sound quality, we’ve earned a cult-status within the Dutch blackmetal underground scene. And in that same category we were named by the magazines (Aardschok, Live xs, Fret and Het Oor), and an interview with Displeased records. We’ve had an evening of airplay, interviews and live music at a local radio station. We ended that year with a couple of festivals, some gigs and a performance at “de Kade” in Zaandam with the well known Dutch black/death metal band Consolation. We found a new rehearsal room at the Black Noise Studio where “The Rehearsal tracks” bootleg was recorded in 2001. Unfortunately the tracks were on the internet before we even finished them. Some of the tracks even ended up on several compilation cd’s in Poland and Germany. We wanted a second guitar player and after the bad auditions we’ve had we told a friend to practice 7 songs in one week. If he could play them well enough at the end of the week he was welcome to join us. Szandor S. Spoor (the Drowned, Fill Bloom, Claustrophobia) became a member at the end of 2001. Due to some personal shit, accidents and the loss of important people close to us we were not able to fight at the front all the time. We’ve had some tough years but managed to do a couple of tours in Germany and back in Holland we joined the Sear Bliss tour. At the end of 2005 we started planning a new cd. Again we suffered some serious issues. For instance the promised amount of money from the German tour wasn’t completely collected, and the trip ended up more expensive than calculated. So we decided to make the new cd a semi professional home recording. When we finally finished the recording sessions some parts didn’t sound the way they should, and other parts weren’t the right speed or the right attitude. We wanted more aggression, noise and blackmetal warfare. At the end of 2007 we ended the new recordings and the cd was finished (again). Another problem came our way. Szandor and the band could no further be as one. Szandor quit just after the cd was completed. We decided to replace his tracks with new tracks, with a better sound quality and more enthusiasm, played by Arno, and some fill-ups from Sander. Mors Christii is the name of our new cd. We are now focussing on getting as many gigs as possible to reach all metalheads out there. Keep in touch! Hailz!


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